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Ensemble Aurōrae

Ensemble Aurōrae was founded in Oslo in 2020 by Haike Dietrich, Ema Grčman and Ragna Rian. Since then they have performed in a wide variety of formations in Norway, Canada, Lithuania and Switzerland. Next to their broad standard repertoire they use creative performance concepts that integrate contemporary and folk-music inspired music as well as forgotten works from Scandinavia and abroad. Ensemble Aurōrae expands the traditional concert format to include a broader audience by merging different art forms and incorporating their own arrangements.


Currently they are focusing on music from the Nordic countries and include in their projects a traditional Norwegian instrument, the hardanger fiddle. They collaborate with Dextra Musica and Nymusikks Komponistgruppe and have commissioned new works especially written for Ensemble Aurorae which will be performed in the following season. Endeavored to promote nordic music to audiences worldwide, they bring their projects to venues far and wide.

Trio Lys

Trio Lys was founded in Norway in 2020 by Daniela Engel (clarinet, bass clarinet), Ema Grčman (cello) and Haike Dietrich (piano). The three musicians met in Oslo during their master's studies and have been performing together regularly in various formations ever since. In addition to their extensive standard repertoire, they currently focus on classical and contemporary music from Northern Europe. For example, in their first self-organized concert project Lind:Berg, they focused on the versatile chamber music of the Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg and presented themselves at concerts in Norway and Switzerland.

Also in season 23/24, Trio Lys will once again focus on music for clarinet, cello and piano from various Nordic countries. In their latest project “Day and Night” they send their audience on a musical journey through the times of day. They present duo and trio compositions by, among others, Kaija Saariaho, Jean Sibelius, Per Nørgård, and Emil Hartmann, as well as a commissioned composition by the Latvian composer Asja Ahmetjanova, who lives in Zurich. Self-designed visual effects emphasize the interplay of light and shadow, rich colors and darkness.

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